A lot of people have negative experiences in the doctor’s office or hospital. Frustrating service and lack of compassionate care can feel especially discouraging when your health is at risk.

But a successful medical malpractice lawsuit takes into account more than bad bedside manner. So what exactly does constitute a medical malpractice case, and how do you know if you have one?

Medical malpractice cases always involve some sort of injury or damage. If you’re angered by the office’s rude attitude toward you, for example, you could contact an attorney; but you probably would not be successful because there is no real injury.

In those situations, what you need to do is find a doctor or facility that cares about their patients and will treat you with more respect. If you only need to see this particular health care provider once for something specific, consider registering a complaint about what you experienced.

Medical malpractice does happen, though, and sometimes the effects can be very serious.

Common examples include:


    • errors in diagnosis or treatment
    • surgical tools left inside patients
    • prescribing the wrong medicine or dosage
    • and more…


In cases like the list above, medical malpractice can be the only way a victim may receive compensation for an injury.

If you do have an injury, specific information can help an attorney determine whether your case constitutes medical malpractice. In general, the injury needs to be significant. Hangnails, for example, will not result in a strong case.

It also usually needs to be provable in some way. Can medical experts pinpoint what caused the injury and why?

Medical malpractice is a serious charge, so our attorneys don’t take potential cases lightly. We investigate individual situations thoroughly so that you have a clear understanding of what your rights are as a patient and how those rights may have been violated.

The best way to know if you have a medical malpractice case is to contact our experienced Memphis medical malpractice lawyers and talk with us for free about your situation. We can help you figure out your options moving forward.