What damages are included in your PI case? What costs from an accident or injury can you recover money for? In this video, Memphis personal injury lawyer Darrell Castle discusses what a personal injury case can do for you.






What can be included as damages in my personal injury case?


What can you recover in a personal injury case? What costs that you may have incurred can you recover for? Generally speaking, any costs you incur or things you lose as a result of whatever accident you had you can recover for.

Let’s say that you had an automobile accident, and you have to go to doctor or an emergency room. You’re going to have medical costs – maybe an ambulance bill, maybe an emergency room bill, or maybe you’re injury is bad enough that you’ll have to go to the hospital. All those things are recoverable.

And then you have damage to your car, which is recoverable. Or you’re off work for some time and you lose wages. You can recover that – that’s all part of your case: the money you lose from your job. You might even incur a loss of things at your job that aren’t obvious, like you might lose a sick day or something like that, that you would normally have. That’s all part of your loss.

Other things might happen: you might have to rent a car to replace yours. Now usually an insurance company will do that for you if you have rental coverage, but that’s part of your loss. You might have other property that’s damaged – sometimes your clothing might be damaged or something of that nature.

Also you might possibly have an injury that causes emotional problems. Perhaps you need counseling for emotional issues that come out of the injury that you’ve had, and that’s all part of your case as well. As long as you have medical testimony and medical records that back it up, you should be fine.

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