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Workers’ compensation attorneys are important

By: Darrell Castle

When people ask whether they need a workers’ comp lawyer after an on-the-job injury, a lot of times they want to know what the consequences would be if they don’t get one.

After all, aren’t they expensive, and wouldn’t it be better to save the money you get for your injuries?

First, let’s talk about pay, which is a valid point. A workers’ comp attorney does get paid, but the amount is modest and capped by law. If you have a serious or complicated work injury, the additional compensation you’ll get by hiring a lawyer will generally outweigh that cost and protect you in other ways you may not have foreseen.

A lot of people feel like the system is against them when they get injured on the job. You may fear your employer will fire you for reporting the injury. Your manager may not communicate with you well, or you may feel the doctor doesn’t take your case seriously.

In addition, the extensive workers’ comp laws out there will vary based on each unique situation. Sometimes you may have an especially complicated case: Were you injured on a work trip that also included personal errands? Injured in a home office? Injured worse than other parties think you were?

These problems do come up and are actually quite common. How they’re handled can make a big difference in the success of your case, and a good workers’ comp attorney can help with all of them.

Bypassing an attorney doesn’t keep you from getting compensation; but it can and does keep people from getting the compensation they really need. It can cause you additional stress at a time when you should be healing, and leave you in the dark about why you didn’t get the benefits owed to you.

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