What should I do if I think a car accident was at least partially my fault? Memphis car accident injury lawyer Darrell Castle explains how to respond if you suspect you are to blame for part or all of an accident.






What if a car accident was partly my fault?


If you think the accident was partly your fault, don’t get out and start saying that to whoever might be standing around. Just think about the fact that you were just in an accident – it was probably traumatic. Perhaps you were jolted around; or perhaps you took a bump on the head, or something like that. You’re thinking might not be clear, and maybe the accident will look differently to you tomorrow than it does immediately there at the scene.


You’re supposed to tell the police officer who comes to investigate what happened, but you’re under no obligation to start telling him that you think it’s your fault so he writes that down on his report.


You should go and talk to an attorney about the accident. Discuss it with him, and you and he together can decide whether it’s something he thinks he can handle for you or go forward with. 9 out of 10 times he’s going to get the police officer’s report and look at it.

But you never want to get out of your car at an accident scene and start telling everybody how sorry you are and that it was your fault, because that’s unclear at the time of the accident.

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