What is a class action lawsuit?


A class action lawsuit is when a court is petitioned to declare a certain set of injuries or injured people to be a class – in other words, everyone who was injured by this drug or by this automobile defect or whatever it might be as a class.

In that situation you would have a certain number of named plaintiffs, or a certain number of people who were named in the lawsuit specifically as bringing the case, and there could be thousands – or even more – people in the class that you don’t even know about who were injured; and all those people have to be notified in some manner that if they were involved in this class they might be entitled to some recovery.

Sometimes it might be something like, “if you purchased one of these cars between such and such a date, then you could be included in this class, and if you want to be then send this thing in.” Quite often that’s not the best way to go about it.

Sometimes it’s not the best deal for the client, it’s not to the client’s best advantage. It’s better to look for cases that have certain specific injuries and to go after those cases on individual – or at least multi-district – levels. It’s a better return for the client.

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