Car crash fraud is a crime in which a scammer fakes or stages an auto accident in order to collect compensation for injuries.

To make their case more believable and to win the largest settlement possible, the criminal also uses phony clinics to bill insurance companies for medical costs that don’t actually exist.

Car crash fraud harms both drivers and insurance companies. Sometimes everyone’s rates increase to cover the losses from fraud, and even after increases some insurance companies can’t stay in business.

Plus you can be the victim of a staged car crash – a costly hassle since the scammers will come after your insurance. Another driver might purposefully cause the accident, but then claim it was your fault.

Law enforcement officials often try to tackle the problem by closing down the fake clinics or requiring a licensed physician to run day-to-day operations at any pain management center.

In the meantime, protect yourself by following these action steps after an accident:


    • Call the police
    • Report the accident to your insurance
    • If at all possible, photograph the crash
    • Get complete contact info from other driver, and check their photo ID to verify
    • As needed, use trusted mechanics, doctors and legal professionals


Most car accidents are the real deal, and if you’re the victim of an auto accident that wasn’t your fault, we can help. Contact us to talk about your case for free.

(Photo by jazz1111)