What to do after you’ve taken a dangerous drug

By: Darrell Castle

If you think you’ve been injured by a dangerous drug, obviously you need to get treatment. You need to be treated by a doctor; and when you’re recovered, if you think that your injury has been caused by a drug, then call me or come and see me and I’ll talk through the whole process with you.

It won’t require any money from you whatsoever. We would take your case, if we do, on a percentage of whatever we recover. And if we don’t recover anything, then there’s no cost to you.

But what will be required of you is a little bit of your time and some cooperation. You’ll have to provide us with the information about your case that we’re required to have in order to make a determination as to whether it’s valid or not. And you’ll have to sign our forms and provide us with the information from time to time on an ongoing basis. And that’s about it really.

It’s work, but most of the work is done by us – the team of lawyers that work on it and the medical people that are hired to evaluate it and so forth.

What can I bring with me to help my case?

You know, bring whatever you have if you have some records in your possession, but don’t go to any extraordinary lengths. If there has been a death – and unfortunately that does happen – then a death certificate copy is very helpful.

But when you come and see us, we’re going to ask you a long series of questions about what happened, what you took, what your course of treatment has been, what your symptoms were, things of that nature, and we’re going to get from you all of the information that we need.

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