By: Darrell Castle

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as a “straight bankruptcy.”

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’re allowed to discharge your unsecured debt you can’t pay, like credit card and medical bills. In most cases, you can even keep your property – like your house or car – IF you’re current on your payments.

Some unique advantages a Chapter 7 bankruptcy has are cost and time. When you file Chapter 7, you don’t have to make any payments towards your debt – unless the debt is not dischargeable or has retained collateral – and the process will be completed in a few short months.

Once the process is complete, you’re free of that debt that’s been weighing you down and you have a great opportunity to begin rebuilding your finances the RIGHT WAY.

It can be relatively easy to find yourself in debt if you’re not adequately prepared. All it takes is one unexpected event like a sudden job loss or a medical emergency – or even a costly financial mistake – and you can find yourself upside down financially.

Fortunately here in America, you don’t have to live enslaved to that debt. You have the bankruptcy process that will provide you with a clean slate and a fresh start.

People are often turned off by the idea of bankruptcy because of what they think it will do to their credit score. However, the missed payments that put you in the situation you’re in now have probably already negatively-effected your credit score. However, a bankruptcy is actually a building block to a better credit score.

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we offer our clients free access to 7 Steps to a 720, an online course that teaches you the tips and trick the banks don’t want you to know in regards to re-establishing and rebuilding your credit score to an A+ rating AFTER a bankruptcy.

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