The Basics of Car Repossession

Obviously if the repo man comes and repossesses your car, that means you owed some money. You weren’t making payments and fell behind on your bill.

But when exactly can a repo man come and take your car? And how can he do it?

When Do Car Repossessions Happen?

When you default on your car payment — or fail to make a payment — your creditor has the right to repossess it. Whether you missed one payment, two payments or three. It doesn’t matter. Once you fall behind, the creditor has the right to take it back.

And here in Tennessee, there’s no real legal process. We have what is called “self help repossession.” The creditor — or a hired repo man — can come and take your car without any court order if you’ve defaulted.

How Do Car Repossessions Happen?

As I mentioned above, the creditor herself can come and repossess your car. Or, she can hire a repo man to come and get it.

The creditor does NOT want your car. She wants your money.

However, the repo man DOES want your car. That’s how he gets HIS payment.

That means once the repo man is hired, he’ll do all that’s in his legal rights to get your car. But he has to keep the peace, and I talk about that in the above video.

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