I am not the parent of a child with cerebral palsy, so I won’t pretend to understand the unique challenges the condition brings. But, from my time as a birth injury lawyer Memphis TN trusts, I have heard many stories about the hardships from families affected by it, which I want to share for anyone who may be unfamiliar.

One parent thought her infant daughter, then under a year old, was growing healthily. But after several months, the mother observed that her daughter’s movements would alternate between floppy and stiff. She realized her daughter was not hitting the same motor milestones as others the same age.

That realization led to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, a brain disorder associated with birth. The condition inevitably brings an emotional and financial strain for affected families. For the family I described above, the first year was painfully difficult. In their first year of parenting, they had to navigate the confusing terrain of different therapies and treatment; medications; and equipment.

And that first year was just a glimpse into what be a lifetime of special treatment and care. It is not unusual for the condition to end up costing well in excess of a million dollars.

Sometimes, cerebral palsy is caused by negligence.

Now, the vast majority of cerebral palsy cases are unavoidable. But 10% of all the cases in America are caused by negligence, on the part of a physician or another hospital worker. In that sense they are considered are birth injury — something that occurs because of someone else’s mistake or neglect, in contrast to birth defects, which are accidents of nature.

Cerebral palsy has a lifetime of financial costs. If your child, or anyone else you know, has the condition, you owe it to yourself, and to them, to determine whether that case is part of that 10%.

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