A fraternity hazing victim at Francis Marion University was awarded $1.6 million after suffering kidney damage from a brutal paddling during the fraternity’s “Hell Night” initiation.

Plaintiffs argued the victim allowed himself to be hazed, however it didn’t hold up, and rightfully so.

According to the report, “The lawsuit claimed that the final night of initiation was the culmination of a pattern of hazing that included [Daniel] McElveen (the victim) being forced to eat unidentified foods, being blindfolded and driven off campus, wearing the same dirty clothes each night and being deprived of sleep.”

There are plenty of universities and colleges here in Memphis and the surrounding region, many of which have Greek systems. News readers around these parts are no strangers to stories regarding the latest local fraternity hazing incident.

I was not a product of a Greek system but I have co-workers and acquaintances who were and I can guarantee you none of them signed up to join a fraternity or sorority with the intentions of coming out with significant injuries, especially due to negligent beatings.

With that mindset, I have a hard time believing the victim truly allowed himself to be paddled so badly that he suffered kidney damage.

Hazing is a banned activity, but as we hear many times “people often do things they aren’t supposed to do.”

However, there comes a time when we all have to respect each other’s well-being, especially when the people being hazed are supposed to be “brothers” joining a “brotherhood.”

What can you do if you’ve been injured in a fraternity hazing incident?

You should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney. However, before doing that, seek medical attention first and foremost. Not only do you need to find out how serious your injury is and get it treated, but the seriousness of the injury and how much medical treatment is to be done all factors into the amount of compensation you may end up receiving in a lawsuit.

Other factors can include lost wages from time missed at work, pain, suffering and more.

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