Police officer brutality can do serious damage

By: Darrell Castle

I have high respect for police officers and what they do. However, as with any line of profession, there are good cops and there are bad cops.

Some cops truly want to keep their citizens safe and fight crime. Some cops just seem to want the authority and take advantage of possessing it, which can turn into carelessness and negligence.

Let’s turn to a recent story in Chicago as an example.

Allizon Brooks stopped by an Englewood convenience store to innocently buy some ice, but what he didn’t know is that a shooting had just taken place minutes before outside of that very convenience store.

“It was real kind of chaotic when I walked into the store,” Brooks said.

Brooks claims as he was trying to help the owner calm down when an officer came up and pushed him.

“He grabbed me by the neck and a lot of officers came around and started punching me, they slammed me into the ground, a lot of guys were kicking me,” Brooks said.

Brooks was arrested and charged with assaulting the officer that was seen grabbing his neck in the video. The police report claims Brooks was preventing other officers from entering the scene, which according to Brooks and his lawyer, the video proves isn’t true.

I mention Brooks lawyer because Brooks has filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago and some police officers involved.

This came after charges against Brooks were dropped as the officers failed to show up in court.

“The officials’ actions were totally unjustified, considering the situation,” said Marc Mayer, Brooks’ attorney.

Brooks claims the beating resulted in temporary hearing loss, a concussion and he’s been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Chicago isn’t the only place incidents like this happen. Here in Memphis, it’s frequent news to hear about a local police officer in trouble for various reasons. As mentioned before, some officers are great, but some just take advantage of their power and it can cause unjustified pain and suffering to innocent people.

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