A home is more than the house in which you live. It’s where birthday candles are blown out, where meals are shared, and where families form memories together. I’m a bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TN trusts, but I’m also a father and a husband. I know the joy of watching your child grow up within the walls of the place you call home. And I understand how heartbreaking it is when that home is taken away from you — often because of unavoidable financial hardships that aren’t anyone’s “fault.”

Over the past 30 years, I have helped thousands of people facing foreclosure keep their homes. You might be wondering, How? The answer is simple: bankruptcy.

We fight hard to save your home.

I’ll share one of my success stories. There was a man who lived in my community, a real nice guy. He was hard-working and proud of his business, but recently he’d faced some setbacks. Before he even became a client, I told him as an acquaintance to nip the problem in the bud before it was too late. I knew all too well, from years of practicing law as a bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TN counts on, how his story could end.

I told him, “One of these days, you’ll find a stranger knocking on your door at 5 in the morning, telling you to put all of your cherished belongings out on the street.”

Sadly, that day did come.

Filing bankruptcy will stop foreclosure in its tracks.

Bankruptcy is a unique solution in its ability to give you financial freedom in the long term. But many people facing foreclosure try other approaches first. Often, they seek help from a foreclosure defense attorney. In most cases, that method does not work out so well — only after the clients have shelled out $5,000–10,000.

There are different types of bankruptcy. A Chapter 13 is best suited to financial situations that involve foreclosure. Here are a few reasons that this is your best bet to keep your home:

  • Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will immediately stop foreclosure.
  • It allows you to take your loan out of default through affordable payments — the key word is affordable — spread out over time.
  • It brings instant certainty. As long as you keep making those payments, you can rest easy each night, knowing that your home is yours.

Explore your options with a bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TN trusts.

I understand how daunting it may feel to file for bankruptcy. It’s a big decision, one that requires a drive.

The story of the client I mentioned above has a happy ending. Our lawyers helped him save his home. Now, we were there by his side through all the litigation, but his story wouldn’t be one of success were it not for his tenacity. He was tough enough to see the process through.

If you’re struggling financially, I hope you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. There are countless people who have been in your shoes. And they’ve found the strength to start anew. So can you.

If you have questions or want to know more about filing for bankruptcy, I’m happy to help. Our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys are known for our compassion — and results — and we’re here for you. Call 901-327-2100 or contact me online to start the conversation.