Want to stay out of harm’s way? Don’t go to the country.

That’s right: truck accidents – one of the most dangerous things that can happen on the road – occur a lot more often in rural areas than in urban. And that’s true in Memphis as well as nationwide.

In general, these crashes happen almost equally 50/50 between day and night. So it’s not darkness that causes the accidents.

No, it’s mostly due to the way we let our guard down on country roads or out on long stretches of highway. And that goes for both truck drivers and the rest of us. We drive at faster speeds and don’t stay as alert. So it’s easier for a truck driver not to notice when a car or motorcycle approaches.

Unfortunately, not only are truck accidents incredibly dangerous and quite often fatal, but when they occur on back roads or out in rural areas it can take even longer to get medical help.

When you’re on a back road or rural highway, take extra care to watch out for larger vehicles. Road Safe America has some great tips for preventing accidents with trucks, especially on long drives.

Some of the most important ones on that list are often overlooked. For example, it’s very important you get adequate sleep before driving, even if you’re not a commercial truck driver.

They also point out the importance of not cutting in front of other vehicles – especially trucks. Trucks are less able to stop suddenly than you might think. So even if you’re in a rush, take your time and pass trucks with plenty of room before crossing into other lanes.

Most importantly, never assume that you’re safer from truck accidents on a wide open road than on a crowded street in downtown Memphis. The truth is actually the opposite.


If you’re ever injured in a truck accident, or if you lose a loved one to a truck accident, please give us a call. These accidents are devastating enough. We can help you get compensation for your recovery. And we’re incredibly kind, supportive, and professional. Plus, the conversation is completely free, and we only get paid if you do, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose. Contact an experienced truck accident lawer today to get started.

(Photo: Michael & Christa Richert)