Which Doctors Get Sued the Most?How Specialties Affect Which Doctors Get Sued

Which doctors get sued the most? It depends a lot on your specialty. The Rand Corporation released figures by the Massachusetts Medical Society that outline which types of doctors most commonly face lawsuits. The studies show a significant increase in risk of medical malpractice suits based on the risk of the work typically done by the doctor.

In other words, the lawsuits don’t depend on geography, hospital budget, or patient’s outlook. It depends on how risky the procedure is.

Specialties with a really high risk of problems all run a high risk of medical malpractice suits. This includes any doctor or surgeon focused on:

  • brain surgery
  • heart surgery
  • or childbirth

In each of these examples, the stakes are high. When something goes wrong, it can often mean severe or even fatal results.

Why Specialties Matter So Much in Medical Malpractice

The rate of malpractice lawsuits also affects how personal injury law works. When a medical malpractice lawyer takes your case, they work with insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve. So those malpractice insurance plans cost more for the doctors depending on the area of specialty.

Injuries from malpractice in brain surgery, for example, are usually much more severe and require more financial compensation than injuries from dermatology.

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