We’ve spoken recently about an upswing in SSDI claims over the last decade and why some people think fraud might be involved.

But who really benefits from the increase in SSDI claims?

Obviously if someone gets away with fraud, they might benefit, but there are a lot of other players involved.

First, doctors benefit. They’re making a lot of money off of SSDI claims, because you have to see a doctor and get their opinion before you can ever apply.

Employers benefit. Whether they purposefully discriminate or not, a lot of employers don’t want unhealthy workers. If disabled workers feel free to apply for SSDI, an employer doesn’t have to worry about insuring them or losing time while the employee gets extensive medical attention on a regular basis.

Lawyers benefit. It’s very, very difficult to appeal an SSDI denial without an attorney. As a Memphis SSDI lawyer, I help people who are seriously injured and disabled, and they depend on me to help them appeal when the SSA denies their claim. So even though I work as ethically and honestly as possible, I’m a part of the system, too.

You know who DOESN’T benefit? You – the disabled worker who truly needs SSDI and can’t get it because the SSA is dealing with so many claims at once.

You don’t benefit from the government looking at you suspiciously and turning down your claim. In fact, it can cost you money in doctors’ fees, lawyers’ fees, and time and energy spent on preparing the claim. That’s not something you should have to deal with when you’re already injured and in need.

Unfortunately, it happens all the time with our current system. Our SSDI firm in Memphis can help when there’s no where else to turn. We treat you with compassion and integrity so the whole process is easier for you and your family.

If you’ve been denied SSDI and need to appeal, contact us today to speak with an attorney for free about your situation.