Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Tell Me If I Have A Strong Case?SSDI Claims on the Rise. Who Benefits?

We’ve spoken recently about an upswing in SSDI claims over the last decade. But who really benefits from the increase in SSDI claims?

First, doctors benefit.

Doctors make a lot of money from the SSDI claims system. You have to see a doctor and get their opinion before you can ever apply. For an excellent application, you may even need a doctor to write a specific statement for you.

Employers benefit.

Whether they purposefully discriminate or not, a lot of employers don’t want unhealthy workers. They don’t always make workplaces comfortable or usable for people with disabilities. As a result, many disabled employees seek other options, which opens up the position to people the employer might prefer instead.

If disabled workers feel empowered to apply for SSDI, an employer doesn’t have to worry about insuring them or losing time while the employee gets extensive medical attention on a regular basis. While this is very ableist thinking, some employers depend on SSDI to cull their workforce.

Government workers benefit.

A rise in SSDI claims means a longer wait for you, until and unless the government hires more people to handle the workload. This means more federal jobs with extremely good health insurance coverage, retirement benefits, and other advantages.

You know who DOESN’T benefit from a rise in claims? You – the disabled worker who truly needs SSDI and can’t get it because the SSA is dealing with so many claims at once.

darrell-castleHelp with SSDI Claims If You’ve Been Denied

You don’t benefit from the government looking at you suspiciously and turning down your claim. In fact, it can cost you money in doctors’ fees, lawyers’ fees, and time and energy spent on preparing the claim. You shouldn’t have to deal with your claim being denied when you’re already injured and in need.

Unfortunately, it happens all the time with our current system. In fact, the SSA rejects the majority of claims on the first try, and that won’t get any better as the number of claims rise.

To have a successful appeal, you really need to work with an attorney. Our SSDI firm in Memphis can help you figure out what went wrong the first time. We treat you with compassion and integrity, so the whole process is easier for you and your family. And we don’t make any money from your case until you do—and even then, it’s a small fraction of your past-due benefits as determined by law.

If you’ve been denied SSDI and need to appeal, contact us today to speak with an attorney for free about your situation. Call 901-327-2100 or fill out the form below.

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