Memphis has one of the highest pedestrian accident rates in America, and along with that, one of the highest pedestrian death rates in America as well. As a Memphis accident lawyer, I’ve seen a lot of these cases, including one that affected a dear family member.

So I know how bad it can be for both sides, especially when insurance companies don’t want to pay.

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In pedestrian accidents, one or both sides can be at fault. If it becomes clear the driver was at fault, they can be held responsible financially, often through their insurance. In some cases they might also be criminally liable, like in a drunk driving accident.

But it’s also possible for both sides to be found partly at fault. For example, a pedestrian might be found partly at fault if he walked across the street intoxicated, without the use of a crosswalk.

In that situation, the insurance companies will pay out based on the percentage of fault. So if one insurance company says to the pedestrian, “the driver was at fault for not paying attention” and the other insurance company says, “the pedestrian was at fault because he didn’t use a crosswalk,” it can mean a battle between those two companies.

When both companies refuse to pay, it’s the injured person who suffers. S/he is the one with medical bills to pay, time forced off from work, and other costs emotionally and financially.

That’s where we come in. This process can be complicated and frustrating, and it’s important to have a lawyer. We defend your case to the insurance companies and at trial, if necessary, and help you get the compensation you need to move forward.

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