By: Darrell Castle

Who pays your medical bills for your car accident injury really depends on who was at fault

If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you shouldn’t be held responsible for paying those medical bills! And that’s why you need to contact an experienced car accident attorney.

You may know without a doubt that the accident wasn’t your fault, or you may not be sure. An experienced car accident attorney will investigate your case detail by detail to find who exactly was liable and whether or not you’ll be entitled to compensation and how much.

Your attorney should investigate any and all police records and eye-witnesses. It’s very important, and that’s why you need an attorney you can trust. You need a detailed attorney who’ll fight to make sure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

Darrell Castle & Associates has handled car accident cases of all shapes and sizes here in Memphis for decades. And, we’ve received multiple Client Distinction Awards from Martindale-Hubbel for client satisfaction along the way.

I’ve even created a Car Accident Checklist that you can download here, print and keep in your car. It’s a great resource to have handy in case you ever find yourself in a car accident. You may think you know everything you need to do at the scene of a wreck, but do you actually? This checklist will hold you accountable.

If you were hurt in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, or you aren’t sure whose fault it was, then our free case evaluation is perfect for you. Call (901) 327-1212 today to schedule your free appointment, because you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, lost wages from time off work and more.

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