Ah, motorcycles. The open road, the wind in your hair, and that unmatched feeling of freedom. Then there’s the distracted drivers nearly missing you, potholes so deep you think you might find Nessie in them, and motorcycle prejudice to overcome. Wait, what? Considering there are over 160,000 registered motorcycles on the streets of Tennessee alone, it’s time we raised motorcycle accident awareness and learned when to call a Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer. Whether you’re an avid rider or just want to be a responsible, informed driver, you need to know these 4 reasons why motorcycle accidents are different.

1. More likely to be injured or killed

There’s a reason the bike makes your mom worry! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you’re 5 times more likely to be injured in a motorcycle accident. Not only that, but the injuries tend to be catastrophic; anything from traumatic brain injuries to spinal injuries to severed limbs. That’s enough to make motorcycle accidents drastically different from other vehicle accidents, but there’s more. You’re 26 times more likely to die from a motorcycle accident than from a car accident. That’s a pretty big reason why you need to call a Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer who’s extremely experienced!


2. Vehicles fail to see motorcycles often

These days, cars just keep getting bigger and bigger, right? It seems like the bigger the cars get, the more likely drivers are to miss motorcyclists. Not only that, today’s drivers are distracted, trying to catch Pokémon on their commute to work or Googling the address of that doctor’s appointment they’re running late to. Failing to see a motorcycle near them on the road can result in catastrophic injury or death for the motorcyclist, whereas large SUV’s are much more forgiving. This is another major reason why motorcycle accidents are different and you need to call an experienced Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer in the event of injury.

3. More subject to road hazards

Taking other drivers out of the equation, motorcycle drivers are more subject to road hazards. Whether it’s hitting a deep Memphis pothole or skidding in the rain, motorcycles are far more susceptible to typical road hazards than are other vehicles. This is reason #3 why motorcycle accidents are different and why it’s imperative to call an experienced Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer in the case of a wreck.

4. Prejudice against riders

You were going the speed limit, wearing your helmet, keeping a safe distance, and staying out of blind spots… but that distracted driver ran you off the road and caused you major injuries anyway. Receiving compensation for this wreck should seem like a given, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there’s a prejudice against motorcycle drivers that must be overcome in a lawsuit. People tend to relate motorcycles to biker gangs and other unsavory types, even if they have no experience with motorcycle drivers at all. You and your motorcycle accident lawyer must work to overcome this prejudice in order to receive compensation, which is a huge reason why finding an experienced Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer is so critical.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, call me for a free consultation. My experience as a Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer will help you receive the compensation you deserve.