GM Recall for Ignition Switches

On Friday, GM added 971,000 vehicles to their already extensive list of faulty vehicles affected by the GM recall for ignition switches.

(Originally published March 29, 2014)

GM’s faulty ignition switches suddenly shut off cars, which disables the brakes, power steering, and air bags. In that moment, you have no power steering or brakes. Airbags won’t deploy to soften the blow upon impact.

As a result, investigators report 13 deaths so far and many more injuries.

GM could have avoided such a high death toll. Instead, they waited a decade to make the recall. So why did GM wait so long?

According to many people familiar with the automaker, the corporate culture affected their decision. Managers were reluctant to pass bad news up the chain of command.

“It’s pretty clear that somebody somewhere was being penny-wise and pound-foolish,” said Marina Whitman, a professor at the University of Michigan and a former economist at GM. “It’s hard to find an explanation for why somebody didn’t do something about something that was known for a good decade. And, for that matter, why [federal regulators] didn’t wake up sooner.”

At the time, GM struggled to cut costs and enhance its brand. A recall of a popular car would have created an awful setback. However, their poor timing will likely cost them millions and millions of dollars in lawsuits.

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