By: Darrell Castle

Misdiagnosis is not only a form of medical malpractice, but it’s one of the more common ones.

Doctors are professionals and have spent many years in school learning the human body and how to treat it. However, doctors are also human and can make mistakes just as a professional in any other industry can.

The difference is, when doctors make mistakes, the consequences tend to carry much harsher consequences on the victim. After all, they’re dealing with the human body!

When you’re dealing with a serious medical problem and your doctor presents a diagnosis, it’s important to second-guess that diagnosis and think about getting a second opinion. This isn’t because you don’t trust the doctor. You’re just doing what’s best for you and confirming that doctor was correct. This is YOUR body and health after all.

When your problem is misdiagnosed, you could miss timely and effective treatment that could’ve helped you overcome the missed problem. But since you didn’t, your problem could worsen with no way of reversing. Not only is that draining on your health and emotions, but it’s also draining on your finances with possible medical bills and interrupted income.

Let me tell you a story about medical negligence

A man goes into the emergency room complaining of crushing chest pain coupled with pain radiating down his arms. These are classic heart attack symptoms.

The doctor tells him he probably just has indigestion and sends him home with an order to take two Aspirins and to call him in the morning. That man then goes home and dies of a heart attack.

This is an example of a misdiagnosis case I had in my office.

By simply running proper tests, the doctor could’ve saved this man’s life. However, negligence and misdiagnosis reared their ugly heads.

When to contact an attorney

If you think you or a loved one have been a victim of misdiagnosis or any other form of medical malpractice, you need to contact an experienced attorney immediately. The doctor should be held accountable for his or her egregious mistake – and this is why they carry insurance.

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