You absolutely can change your name – before, during, and after a bankruptcy. 

In fact, it really shouldn’t make a difference at all, at any point in the process.

Names can easily change, and when they do, your attorney will just note this on your bankruptcy petition. There’s really nothing you need to do, because noting this on your bankruptcy petition will tell your creditors for you.

But there’s a reason it’s all so easy: 

Your credit is tracked by your social security number, not your name. And while that means it’s easy to change your name and still file bankruptcy, it also means creditors can follow you wherever you go, and continue to make life more difficult – even if you change your name 10 times!

Bankruptcy is a solution, no matter what your name is. As a Memphis bankruptcy attorney I help people with questions like this one and the many others that come up throughout the process. Contact me today to discuss your situation for free.