By: Darrell Castle

While your bankruptcy will be public record, the likelihood of many people seeing that record is slim to none.

Do you read The Daily News? I didn’t think so. Many people don’t (no offense to the publication, it’s informative).

The Daily News is a small newspaper that circulates around to lawyers and businesspeople. And somewhere in that paper (INSIDE, not on the front page) there’s a list of bankruptcy filings. The listing provides your name, case number and attorney.

But again, not many people read The Daily News, and those that do will probably skip right over the bankruptcy listings. No one really cares anymore about whether or not you’ve filed for bankruptcy. It’s not as big of a deal as it used to be.

The benefits of a good bankruptcy attorney

The problems you’re facing aren’t exclusive to you. Many people have struggled with debt and have filed for bankruptcy.

A good bankruptcy attorney will have a lot of sympathy for your situation. He’ll make every effort to keep the process as painless as possible, and that includes any embarrassment you may feel. A good bankruptcy attorney will take care of you and keep everything as confidential as possible.

We can help

For decades, Darrell Castle & Associates has practiced bankruptcy law in Memphis. We’ve helped people get out of all sorts of debt and onto a better life. And we can help YOU too.

Our team is very detailed and responsive, and that’s why our clients like us. Your case will be handled the RIGHT way because that’s what you deserve. You’re not just a case number, but you’re a real person with real problems. Problems we have the ability to help you with. And of course everything is kept as confidential as possible!

Those are some of the reasons we’ve received multiple Client Distinction Awards from Martindale-Hubbell for client satisfaction. You’re in good hands here.

How to get in touch with us

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