Car Accident Lawyer

If you’re in an accident and have medical bills, you might be wondering how they’re going to get paid. You have a couple of options, depending on your insurance situation, who was at fault for the accident and the laws about fault in your state. The important thing to note is that the healthcare providers will hold you responsible for your medical bills, regardless of the circumstances. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are liable, just that it’s your responsibility to ensure the bills get paid.

Who Caused the Accident?

In most states, the driver who was at-fault will be responsible for the majority of the medical expenses for anyone injured in the accident. If that driver didn’t have insurance or is under-insured, then you may want to talk to an attorney about your options. It’s likely that you have to pay the bills.

What If You Have Health Insurance?

You may want to use your personal health insurance to pay your medical bills as you wait for the auto insurance companies to sort out their issues. You should still keep all your statements and document your co-pays. If you do receive compensation from the insurance company, you need to show how much you have paid.

Keep in mind that your health insurance may expect to be paid back if you receive a settlement. This is even more likely if you have Medicare or Medicaid. The insurance company may put a lien on your settlement to ensure the company gets their share of the proceeds. Don’t worry if this happens but do talk to your attorney.

When Does the Other Driver’s Insurance Pay?

If the accident wasn’t your fault, the other driver’s insurance should pay your medical bills. However, the insurance company isn’t going to pay the bills as they come in. You’re probably going to have to wait until treatment is finalized for a total sum. Once you settle with the insurance company, you cannot go back for more. It’s often in your best interest to wait until you are sure that you won’t have any more bills.

Medical providers won’t want to wait until the insurance company settles. If you don’t have insurance, you may have to deal with creditors calling you to get the money for your medical bills. You can refer them to your lawyer or ask for advice from your attorney about dealing with them.

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