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If you’re a woman who’s taken Lipitor for high cholesterol, read carefully.

There has been no scientific proof that high cholesterol is actually an issue for woman. Pfizer, the drug manufacturer of Lipitor, has allegedly fabricated this false disease in order to make and sell this drug.

They’ve done a pretty decent job too as Lipitor is now the highest-prescribed drug in pharmaceutical history, in large part due to high cholesterol problems in men.

However, Lipitor has now been linked to diabetes in woman and if you’re someone who has diabetes or knows someone who does, you know good and well it’s a life-changing illness, even if it’s not deadly.

That’s why if you’re a woman with no history of cardiovascular disease, who’s been prescribed and taken Lipitor and then diagnosed with diabetes, you need to speak to an experienced dangerous drug attorney immediately, as there’s a good chance you’ll be entitled to compensation.

Pfizer is under some heat, and for good reason, but Lipitor is a big money-maker for them and they’re a powerful company in a huge industry, so they won’t go down without a fight. Fortunately, we like a good fight at Darrell Castle & Associates, especially when it comes to helping people in hard times.

Our experienced Memphis dangerous drug attorneys have researched and investigated Lipitor and we would love to speak with you and help if you’ve fallen victim to its effects.

We aren’t doctors though, so you should never quit taking a prescription until you consult with your doctor.

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