Who Is Responsible for An Electrocution Injury?

Electrocution accidents often happen through no fault of your own and they can be totally traumatizing, let alone expensive. Here’s what you need to know about workers’ comp and electrocution, including why you should hire a workers’ comp lawyer who understands personal injury law.

Workers’ Comp vs. Other Compensation

With an on-the-job electrical injury, you typically have three options for compensation:

  • Workers’ comp (the most common)
  • Product liability claim against a manufacturer
  • Negligence claim against another party, like a general contractor

Firstly, if you’re injured on the job, typically you can get workers’ comp to help cover your medical expenses. By law, your employer keeps insurance coverage for this exactly situation. This is true even if the injury was just an accident, including electrocution injuries.

However, sometimes the electrocution happens because a product failed. Companies often recall equipment over electrocution fears because they don’t want to be responsible for electrical injuries. In that case, you might need to file a personal injury claim for something we call “product liability.” This just means a product malfunctioning caused the injury.

And lastly, sometimes the electrocution happens because of someone else’s negligence. Workers’ comp covers you or your employer while on the job. But if an outside party caused the injury—like another company’s general contractor—you may be able to get compensation from them.

Pursuing Your Best Option for an Electrocution Claim

Workers’ comp and electrocution cases can be complicated. As a result, if you’ve experienced an electrical injury, get a workers’ comp attorney with experience in personal injury claims. You may be able to get more compensation a different way, so you need someone who knows all these areas of the law well.

Don’t settle for a lawyer who just fills out a few forms for you. Our Memphis workers’ comp lawyers look at your case from every angle and help you decide the best possible option.

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