Who is responsible for an electrocution injury at work?

If you’re injured on the job, typically you can get workers’ comp to help cover your medical expenses. This is true even if the injury was just an accident. Many electrocution injuries are exactly that.

But sometimes the electrocution happens because a product you were using malfunctioned. Electric shock is a common reason for companies to recall a product: they don’t want to be responsible for electrical injuries.

And sometimes the electrocution happens because of someone else’s negligence. If it was the fault of you or your employer, workers’ comp is meant to cover the costs. But if it was the fault of an outside party, like a customer or another company’s general contractor, you may be able to get compensation from them.

When your electrocution injury is the fault of an outside party or company, it might be in your best interest to file a negligence claim. That’s different from workers’ comp, since it’s not connected to your employer. You might be able to win higher compensation this way, depending on your case.

No matter what your on-the-job injury, it’s really smart to get a workers comp attorney experienced with personal injury claims. There are certain rules if you win compensation through an outside claim, and you need someone who knows both well.

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