Allergies and worker’s compensation

By: Darrell Castle

Allergic reactions happen all the time in the American workplace, and can be extremely serious depending on the person.

Some common examples might be:

  • Mold. Common in many workplaces, mold can cause respiratory damage.
  • Asbestos. An infamous (and common) building material that can cause severe skin reactions, respiratory problems, and cancer.
  • Office chemicals. Anything from cleaning supplies to the chemicals in the carpet can cause some people to have terrible asthma attacks. Some very harsh chemicals in settings like hospitals can even cause serious burns.

Most recently I met a woman severely injured from using latex. The job required she wear latex gloves, and neither she nor her employer knew she was allergic. Latex allergies can be so severe they cause hives and leave a person unable to breathe. In fact, some latex allergies can be life-threatening.

When your job causes you to have an allergic reaction severe enough to prevent you from working, that reaction might certainly be covered by workers’ compensation.

The problem with allergic reactions is that they differ so much from person to person. There’s no set answer for everyone. The best way to determine your options would be to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer.

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