Should You Pay Your Wage Garnishment?

I often have clients ask me if it’s worth it to pay your wage garnishment. In general, I’ve found wage garnishment costs a lot more than people realize.
As an example, I recently had a client come to me deep in debt with a wage garnishment. He estimated his original debt was around $2,000-3,000. In 2008, he had judgment rendered against him for nearly $14,000 – several times the original debt.
Technically you don’t pay wage garnishment. They take it directly out of your paycheck whether you like it or not. In our client’s case, he dealt with wage garnishment for 9 years until he finally broke down and came to see us. He had paid over $13,000 toward his debt. But when he came in, his balance was almost $24,000.
He owed almost $24,000, for a debt that started at around $3,000. That new balance included attorney fees, court fees, interest, and other fines. It grew and grew until it became absolutely impossible to pay off. And the law firm that issued the garnishment is a very good firm with a stellar reputation. So this is not unusual or particularly over-reaching. Just business as usual in the collections world.

We Help Stop Wage Garnishment

This is an incredible real-life example of how difficult it is to escape debt by paying it through garnishment. And we see it every single day.
In that client’s situation, how could you possibly have any moral queasiness about bankruptcy? How could you blame anyone in that situation for coming to see an attorney? It’s really the only choice.
With bankruptcy, you can stop wage garnishment and get relief from losing so much of your paycheck every week.
And our firm now offers Chapter 7 bankruptcy for no money down.
Contact us today to see if you qualify. Don’t waste any more of your hard-earned money on wage garnishment.