By: Darrell Castle

What if I told you that filing for bankruptcy can help you increase your monthly cash flow to meet your needs?

I’ll explain by telling you a story about Dan, a guy I made up but whose story is a very real one I see quite often.

Dan is behind on some bills. He’s a working man with a good job, a family, a house and two cars. Dan is living the “American Dream.”

However, Dan’s wife got sick and had to spend some time in the hospital, resulting in thousands of dollars in medical bills. He wasn’t the best saver and didn’t have sufficient money in his emergency fund to cover the bills.

He had a decent-sized balance on his credit cards at the time and ended up missing some payments to try to pay his medical bills.

Then, in the process of trying to make up payments on his credit card, he fell a little behind on his mortgage. Now, a few months later, the bank is threatening to take his home from him and his family.

While trying to catch up on his mortgage payment, he has a hard time keeping up with his utility bill, making it to the grocery store and has to pinch some pennies for gas once or twice a month.

Dan loves his home. His family loves it. They don’t want to relocate and they don’t have to.

By filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Dan can lump these debts into a repayment plan he can afford. This is a 3-5 year repayment in which Dan will make payments towards his debt, sometimes at a fraction of what he actually owes.

That allows Dan to stop the bank from foreclosing on his home, but now he also has more cash flow to meet his family’s everyday needs like paying his other bills, buying groceries and filling up his gas tank.

Then, once the bankruptcy is complete after Dan has made all of his Chapter 13 payments on time, his debts are discharged. He’s also kept his home and is current on his mortgage.

And since he had that extra cash flow during the bankruptcy process and his past-due bills were being paid in his Chapter 13, he was able to buy groceries, gas and other necessities for his family.

That extra cash flow goes a long way and it’s a big benefit when filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Often times people end up in debt due to unexpected events like a sudden job loss or a medical emergency and they just weren’t prepared for it financially for whatever reason. Fortunately, here in our country, we don’t have to live enslaved to that debt and can give ourselves a fresh start through bankruptcy.

Are you in debt and barely making it by, wondering every day whether you’ll be able to meet your basic financial needs? Will extra cash flow help you meet those needs? Will extra cash flow keep you from worry and stress?

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