The Morality Behind Slip and Fall Cases

People often wonder if it’s immoral to sue for a slip and fall injury. Through movies and TV and the usual lawyer jokes, somehow this specific type of personal injury law has gotten a terrible reputation for fraud and abuse. 

As a slip and fall lawyer in Memphis, I’ve seen firsthand how these injuries can impact a person’s life. Sadly, a lot of critics don’t understand how the system works or what “slip and fall” really means. 

How Slip and Fall Accidents Happen

Slip and fall accidents happen when a person trips on something that shouldn’t have been there. In other words, it’s not enough that they fell over a curb or didn’t see a shopping cart as it turned the corner. 

In fact, the law usually requires proof that the business or home owner neglected the property. Businesses are required to keep their floors clear and notify customers of spills or other dangers. That’s because insurance companies, regulators, and anyone who’s been through it before know the physical impact of a slip and fall accident.

The Physical Toll of Slip and Falls

For some people, a fall might not cause a lot of problems. Plenty of us have experienced the near-fall, where we catch ourselves. But for elderly folks and anyone who has the bad luck to fall the wrong way, these accidents can do tremendous damage. 

Slip and falls can lead to hip fractures, broken limbs, and even head trauma. The injuries can require major surgery and months of recovery.

When we minimize the impact of slip and fall injuries, we ignore their impact on vulnerable people in our community.

The Financial Toll 

Slip and fall injury law works the way it does because of the way our health care system works. It isn’t about blaming people or punishing them for making a mistake with their property. It’s about figuring out who pays for the massive medical costs.

Our healthcare system makes lawsuits necessary sometimes. Slip and fall injuries can force people out of their jobs and leave families in financial desperation.

The insurance companies look at the injuries and expect the person responsible to pay. As a result, companies and homeowners keep insurance for exactly this purpose. 

So it’s not wrong to sue for a slip and fall if you need to cover your medical bills. For many people, it’s the system’s only way to cover the costs.

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