Baby Formula Cases Are Wrongful Death Cases

If you’ve suffered a wrongful death due to baby formula, you deserve to know the truth about what happened to your child.

Our Memphis firm is working with victims to get justice, and we can help you, too.

One Client’s Journey

We currently have a client named Darla who never thought she’d work with someone like us in a million years. She assumed personal injury lawyers were bogus, and until recently, she would never dream of suing anyone. 

Then, soon after giving birth to a premature baby, Darla lost her child to NEC.

NEC is a terrible digestive disease affecting premature babies. It usually requires extensive treatment. After attempting IVs and major surgery, it can lead to death. And in many cases, those deaths were preventable.

The popular infant formulas Enfamil and Similac have been linked to NEC in premature babies. While these formulas may be safe for most children, underweight and underdeveloped children simply don’t respond to them the same way.

What’s more, the companies know this and haven’t done anything about it.

So back to Darla. After losing her baby, Darla asked us to review the child’s autopsy report and death certificate. She didn’t believe at first that corporate greed could be responsible for what happened. I’ve helped other clients through this experience before, and this disbelief is understandable: On top of the unspeakable trauma of losing a child, it can be further traumatizing to realize a company’s carelessness caused it. 

But that appears to be exactly what happened: baby formula caused the preventable, wrongful death of this woman’s precious baby. Now Darla wants justice, and so do we.

How Baby Formula Leads to Wrongful Death

Multiple studies have shown premature babies simply don’t digest Enfamil and Similac properly. As a result, if premature babies receive these formulas, they can develop NEC.

The studies reveal a disturbing pattern:

  • 5-12% of very low-birthweight infants will suffer from NEC
  • 20-40% of those infants will require surgery
  • nearly 25% will die

And yet, for reasons I can’t possibly explain, the makers of Enfamil and Similac continue to refuse putting a warning label on their products.

These aren’t small food safety cases where an adult gets sick for a day because they ate a bad restaurant meal. These are life and death cases of preventable, repeat injuries. Cases that didn’t have to happen.

Cases that are killing our children.

If You’ve Suffered a Wrongful Death Due to Baby Formula

Maybe like our client above, you never imagined you’d be in this situation. But now you know how important it is we get justice and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

If your infant has suffered from NEC due to baby formula, our firm can’t possibly take away your pain. But we can help you hold these companies accountable and get the compensation you need to cover medical bills, time away from work, and the many other losses you’ve experienced.

We work tirelessly for you, and we don’t get paid a dollar unless we win. Throughout the process, we focus on treating you and your family with the compassion and respect you deserve. We communicate openly and carefully with you, which is how we’ve received multiple Martindale-Hubbell awards for client satisfaction.

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