125486076_5dc1245ba9_bIf you have time, I hope you’ll read this important article from The New York Times about child car seat safety.

It discusses the lack of awareness about how to install car seats. In particular, the article describes confusion over the different methods for strapping in the car seat and how those methods can and should change for different types of cars.

This issue affects everyone. Even some of the most educated people in the country struggle to understand how the seats work and which installations are safest. Veteran parents with more than one child may not even know the proper way to use car seats!

As a car accident lawyer in Memphis, this is terrifying. Accidents are always bad enough! We can’t let our children be at extra risk because of their confusing car seat!

Communities everywhere are trying to launch classes and demonstrations to help parents figure out this important problem. This post from East Memphis Moms gives some great local resources for using these contraptions safely, including fitting stations that help you personally install your child’s seat.

Make sure to protect your kids as well as you possibly can. Learn what you need to know about your car seat so that you can rest easier on the road.

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