It’s every parent’s nightmare — that present underneath the tree, the one you hoped would bring your child so much joy, is, as it turns out, a giant safety hazard.

I’ve seen it many times, as as a product liability lawyer Memphis TN trusts.

All year long, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps track of dangerous products and any subsequent recalls. Because the holiday season is when we give toys to our kids, more than any other time of year, this unfortunately means that potentially dangerous products could be in our children’s hands at Christmas.

This year, those included:

Those are just a few examples. You can find more recalled toys and products on the CPSC’s website here.

And frankly, those are just a small sample size of the recalls I see all year, as a product liability lawyer Memphis TN trusts. In addition to toys, cars, appliances, and many other products can have manufacturing problems that cause them to malfunction. When that happens, it can leave a family saddled with sky-high medical bills and lost wages on top of the injury itself.

It’s unacceptable for manufacturers to cut costs by supplying unsafe products to the customers who keep their companies afloat. It’s also hard to take these massive companies down on your own. When you’re trying to get the compensation you deserve for a dangerous product, it’s important to get help from an expert.

Whether you’ve been injured from one of the products or toys above, or from any other recalled product, our lawyers are here to help. We have helped many families successfully claims for injuries sustained from an unsafe product. We have spent years going up against giant corporations. We’re known for getting results, and we can get them for you.

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