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This may come as a surprise, but workers’ compensation is not guaranteed to you. For one, you may not want to receive this benefit if you fear that it’ll prevent you from working other jobs, such as construction, that nullify your claims of having sustained a severe injury. For two, you can opt to not use your workers’ compensation benefits. You may want to sue for damages and liability instead. Remember, when you agree to benefit from workers’ compensation, you are also agreeing not to sue your employers for the injuries you sustained on the job. That aside, it’s imperative that you know that certain details must be true and in place all at once for you to have workers’ compensation as an option.

One: Is Your Employer Insured?

This may come as a surprise, but your employer doesn’t have to buy workers’ compensation insurance. Some employers don’t. Thus, first and foremost, your employers need to pay for this insurance so that you and others may request it should you become injured on the job. Under Tennessee law, a firm must have workers’ compensation insurance if it employs more than four people. 

Two: Are You An Employee?

Before you agree to a job, you need to scour the contract and be very clear on whether you’re an employee or whether your job description falls under something else. To take advantage of workers’ compensation insurance benefits, you need to be an employee. In most cases, you can’t benefit from it as an independent contractor. Likewise, in most cases, you can’t benefit from it if you’re a seasonal worker, someone working odd jobs, or a volunteer.

On the other hand, Tennessee law lets apprentices, interns, and part-time employees take advantage of workers’ compensation. If you’re confused about your status and whether use of this insurance is at your discretion, consult with knowledgeable workers compensation lawyers in Memphis TN at Darrell Castle & Associates today. 

Three: Is Your Injury Work-related?

Your injury must be work-related, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it had to happen on the job site. As long as your injury arose out of employment and occurred during the course of employment, your injury is work-related. For example, suppose that your workday ended at 5 p.m., but your employer asked you to make one final delivery after hours. During this final delivery, you’re injured. In this case, you can still request workers’ compensation because your injury arose out of employment.

Why Should I Choose Darrell Castle & Associates To Represent Me?

You understand why you need expert legal representation. But why choose us to represent you? You should choose the exceptional workers’ compensation lawyers of Darrell Castle & Associates because we distinguish ourselves by surpassing the standard expectations of legal services to people who are experiencing hard times through both personal injury and financial difficulty; and show those who reach out for our help the respect and commitment to our work that we would provide our own families; and finally, provide a living to those who are dedicated to this end.