Will Bankruptcy Impact My Ability to Procure Employment?

Memphis TN Debt AttorneyA Memphis TN debt attorney might suggest that bankruptcy can enable a new beginning in one’s life. However, a bankruptcy will not entirely erase your financial history. That said, just because you went through the bankruptcy process does not mean that employers can discriminate against you on that basis. If an employer claims an exception to that rule, contact a debt attorney in Memphis TN for confirmation of your rights. At Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLP, we are thoroughly familiar with bankruptcy laws and how they affect our clients.

Seeking Employment with a Bankruptcy on Your Record

Your credit report will reflect whether or not you have filed for bankruptcy. When pursuing potential job candidates, employers often run traditional background checks. In recent years, employers are increasingly requesting credit reports on potential employees. Employers within the financial industry will often consider a person’s financial standing when determining whether or not to employ them. If a financial firm only wants to hire people who can manage their money rather than those who are deeply in debt, it could certainly impact a person’s ability to be hired. A Memphis TN debt attorney can offer you debt solutions options that are alternatives to bankruptcy.

Seeking Employment with a Government Agency

Your credit information may be gathered as part of a background check if you are a potential candidate for a government agency. However, you cannot be discriminated against for having a bankruptcy on your record. In some situations, government employers offering a job that has a security clearance may be more amenable to prospective employees who have a bankruptcy on their record, rather than a significant debt load. This is because employees who have an exorbitant amount of debt could be vulnerable to bribes. If you believe you were unfairly discriminated against because of bankruptcy, do not hesitate to call a Memphis TN debt attorney from our firm to find out your legal rights in that situation.

Get in Front of a Bankruptcy

It is vital that you are honest with potential employers if you are on the hunt for a job and you have filed for bankruptcy. If you have filed for bankruptcy, be prepared for your interview with a clear and concise explanation and be ready to redirect the conversation. Many people can relate to bankruptcy because it is often the result of a major life change. You will want to assure them that your ability to perform work duties will not be impacted by your bankruptcy filing. Your bankruptcy is a matter of public record, making it all the more important to be honest with a potential employer. If you are dishonest and a prospective employer were to discover the truth, your ability to get the job could be at risk.

Your Job is Protected

You do not have to disclose to your employer that you have filed for bankruptcy if you are already employed when you filed for bankruptcy. However, if your wages are garnished as the result of a Chapter 13, your employer may find out anyway. You should not be fired if you file for bankruptcy as your employer is prohibited from doing so. A debt attorney Memphis TN offers can review the laws with you prior to beginning the bankruptcy process.

Contact a Trusted Memphis TN Debt Attorney

A bankruptcy attorney can discuss with you how bankruptcy may impact your ability to gain employment. With more information you can make the decision whether or not to file bankruptcy. Call us at 901-327-2100 for a free consultation with an experienced Memphis TN debt attorney from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLP.