In my personal injury practice, I take on something called nursing home abuse, which is when a facility for the elderly abuses or injures one of their residents. Last week two such cases crossed my desk that angered me to my core.

The first case was a story out of North Carolina, where workers at an assisted living facility took pictures of a resident using the toilet and put them on social media.

These stories boil my blood. Our elders are not only some of the most vulnerable people in our society – they’re also the people who birthed us, who fought for our country, who built our companies, who gave us what we have today.

What is wrong with us when we allow people to mock, injure or, in the most extreme cases, kill our elders? Could we as a society get any more despicable?

But there’s another group I’d like to talk about, and that’s adults with special needs. There are group home facilities for them as well, including for adults with severe autism.

This week I heard about a case where an adult with special needs was overmedicated to the point of being unresponsive. Workers waited nearly an hour after finding her before even calling for medical assistance. The woman did not survive, and her family was at a loss about what to do.

In situations like this, the victims cannot defend themselves. Their families often weren’t there and don’t have evidence on their own. And since these crimes happen on the company’s home turf, so to speak, the facility can sometimes cover their tracks and make sure no charges are filed.

That means lawyers like me are one of the key ways we fight back for these horrible acts. We are the voice for people who can’t speak up for themselves. We represent their families, their friends, and their country crying out for justice. If you’re looking for a tenacious elder abuse lawyer Memphis, TN knows won’t settle for less than your loved one deserves, call Darrell Castle & Associates.

When it comes to abuse in a group home facility, I really don’t think that’s an exaggeration. We need people to investigate these cases and go up against these companies no matter what it takes. The victims deserve nothing less.

That’s what I do as a Memphis group home abuse lawyer. It’s a calling and a privilege.

We cannot be a country that closes its eyes to the most vulnerable. I will fight for any victim of nursing home or group home abuse, and I will do what I can to prevent these stories from ever happening again. I believe that’s my obligation as an attorney and as a human being.

If you think someone you love has been injured in a group facility, you’ll want to get the investigation underway immediately with the help of a qualified attorney.