Insurance company has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of Actos

By: Darrell Castle

It’s bad for everyone involved when an insurance company sues a drug manufacturer, yet that’s what’s happening as Blue Cross has sued Takeda, the manufacturer of Actos.

Blue Cross’ lawsuit alleges that Takeda “concealed and continues to conceal their knowledge that Actos can cause bladder cancer from Plaintiff’s (Blue Cross) insured, other consumers and the medical community.”

Blue Cross claims there are safer alternatives than Actos, used for type 2 diabetes, but because of Takeda promoting the drug as safe and effective, doctors and patients had no idea it was dangerous, nor there were better options.

As someone who’s investigated Actos, I’ve found myself pretty upset with how Takeda kept promoting the dangerous drug after knowing about such high risk of bladder cancer. It’s easy to see how the insurance company became fed up themselves.

The drug industry is such a big and powerful entity, and often times you’ll see manufacturers continue to promote dangerous drugs simply because they sell such a high volume and make ample money. For them, the money made is worth the lives negatively affected – or so it seems.

So, what does an insurance company suing a drug manufacturer have to do with you?

Well, Actos is still in some deep lawsuit trouble, and if you’re someone who was prescribed Actos and then diagnosed with bladder cancer after taking it, it’s not too late to file a lawsuit of your own.

Nothing can fully replace the pain and suffering you’ve gone through – including money. However, money can go a long way in paying off the medical bills and restoring a sense of justice against the drug company.

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