If you’re in a situation where someone has had a health emergency and they are unable to breathe or are unresponsive, knowing the tune to “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees could save the person’s life.

“Stayin’ Alive” has the perfect rhythm (and title) to help you perform CPR until help arrives. If you can approximate the pace of the song, you will match the 103 compressions per minute that the experts use.

Here are some other tips if you ever need to perform CPR:

  • If someone is unresponsive, use CPR until help arrives, even if they are gasping for air.
  • No need to do mouth-to-mouth, as studies have show it does not improve survival chances. Chest compressions alone are fine.
  • Push on the center of the chest hard, keeping “Stayin Alive” in mind (lyrics here).
  • If possible, let someone else take over for a while, so no one gets to0 tired before help arrives.

CPR rarely saves lives outside of the hospital, but the odds of it working increase greatly if you’ve taken a class. Memphis offers a ton of options, but here’s one program to help you get started.

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