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Employer harassment during workers’ compensation case

If you’re injured on the job, your employer, by law, should have workers’ compensation insurance that will compensate you for lost wages while you’re off work.

Also, by law, they can’t fire you for being injured on the job and receiving workers’ compensation insurance. However, we often find out that people sometimes do things they aren’t supposed to, but they’ll have to suffer the consequences.

When it comes to harassment, the actual meaning has to be defined – are you actually being harassed?

If your employer is threatening your job because you’re on workers’ comp, then that can be a form of harassment and you should seek an attorney for legal assistance.

If the employer is harassing you by stating how badly they need you/want you to get back to work while throwing threats around, I would urge you to resist the temptation you may have to quit the job. Sure, you’re mad, frustrated and maybe a little hurt emotionally along with your physical pain that’s already been caused by the injury, but the amount of compensation you receive for your time off work may greatly be affected, negatively, if you quit.

However, if you’re wrongfully fired or laid off from the job while receiving workers’ comp, then the amount of the claim could potentially increase drastically.

Workers’ comp, in general, is confusing and can be a difficult process to go through by yourself. First you’re injured. Then the workers’ compensation insurance gives you a list of doctor options that you’re required to use. Those doctors may or may not give you a fair (or what you consider fair) disability rating, which is the rating that determines how much compensation you’ll receive, if any. All of that, and then you have to deal with a harassing employer. I bet you wish you didn’t get hurt.

But, you didn’t mean to get hurt, and in most cases, you couldn’t have avoided it. You also can’t go back and un-hurt yourself.

However, what you can do is speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney that can help you out. You shouldn’t have to deal with employer harassment – it’s just not fair.

A workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN turns to cares about the health and well-being of clients and can provide guidance on next steps. At Darrell Castle & Associates, we’ve dealt with these kinds of cases and we’ve been very successful with them. Let us help you receive the compensation you deserve in peace.

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