stopping creditor harassmentEmployer Harassment During a Workers’ Compensation Case

Sometimes after being injured on the job, people face frustrating uphill battles: claims get denied, injuries get worse, and in extreme situations, employers harass their employees. Here’s what you need to know about employer harassment during a workers’ compensation case.

Worker’s Comp and Harassment: How It Works

If you’re injured on the job, your employer should have workers’ compensation insurance that will compensate you for lost wages while you’re off work. Most employers have to carry this insurance by law.

Also by law, they can’t fire you for being injured on the job and receiving workers’ compensation insurance. However, people sometimes do things they aren’t supposed to—including harassing their workers.

If your employer is threatening your job because you’re requesting or receiving workers’ comp, that can be a form of harassment and you should seek an attorney for legal assistance.

There are a few types of employer harassment related to workers’ comp. An employer may:

  • state how badly they need you/want you to get back to work and pressuring you not to heal properly
  • throw threats around
  • try to argue against you receiving benefits you need and deserve
  • speak out against you to other members of your team or company
  • and more

Even if harassed, try to resist the temptation you may have to quit the job. Sure, you’re mad, frustrated and maybe a little hurt emotionally, not to mention exhausted from the physical pain of your injury. However, you may receive lower compensation if you quit at this stage. You may want to try to hang on until you get better.

That said, if you’re wrongfully fired or laid off from your job while receiving workers’ comp, your benefits could increase drastically.

darrell-castleWork with an Attorney for Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workers’ comp, in general, is confusing and can be a difficult process to go through by yourself:

  • You have to deal with an injury.
  • The workers’ comp insurance gives you a list of doctors you’re required to use.
  • Those doctors may or may not give you a fair (or what you consider fair) disability rating.
  • This rating determines how much compensation you’ll receive.
  • All of that, and then you have to deal with a harassing employer.

With all of these hurdles, you may feel helpless. Instead, you can speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can help you.

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we’ve dealt with these kinds of cases and we’ve been very successful with them. For years, we’ve helped people fight back against employer harassment during a workers’ compensation case.

Let us help you receive the compensation you deserve in peace.

As a workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN turns to, our firm cares about your health and well-being first. And what’s more, we don’t make a penny unless you do. Our only job is to help you get the benefits you need and protect you as you work to get better.

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