As the weather gets warmer in Memphis, it’s easy to expect the amount of motorcycle traffic will increase as well. Knowing this, we all need to take this opportunity to practice safety on the streets and highways – share the road with one another with everyone’s best interest in mind.

However, as you’ll see below, some people have a tough time staying safe on the roads. If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, please seek medical help first and foremost. After doing so, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you should seek the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney immediately as you may be entitled to compensation.

As you can see in the graphics below provided by the Department of Safety & Homeland Security, Shelby County leads the way in Tennessee when it comes to motorcycle crash counts by year, and not in the way one would want to lead.

With increased traffic and lack of sufficient public transportation, we already know Memphis isn’t the safest city to drive in. This is why we, as drivers, should individually put forth our best effort to stay safe on the roads. When it comes to motorcycle safety, it’s a two-way street.

If you’re a motorcycle driver, is the joy of driving at dangerous speeds while bobbing and weaving in between cars worth risking your life and the lives of the drivers and passengers around you? Is it worth paralyzing yourself or an innocent victim on the roadway?

The logical answer is “no” and that’s a question you need to ask yourself before you hop on your motorcycle and take off.

Likewise, drivers of cars and trucks should keep the safety of motorcycle drivers on their mind. Make sure to leave the motorcycle driver ample space and stay out of his or her lane. He or she has just as much right to the road as you do. People on motorcycles are more vulnerable than drivers of cars and trucks so you should practice extra caution when you’re around them. Be a good neighbor.

As you can see in the graphic below, Shelby County is already making a strong push to lead Tennessee in motorcycle crashes in 2014.

We can begin to make our own push, as individuals sharing the roads, to slow this trend and start a new movement of safe driving in Memphis. In doing so, it’s not only important to know the basic safety precautions, but to implement them into our everyday lives, such as:

  • no texting and driving or any other forms of distracted driving
  • no speeding
  • signal your turns
  • wear a helmet if you’re on a motorcycle

We all know these rules of the road, but do we actually follow them?

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