The link between between ovarian cancer and power morcellators

By: Darrell Castle

The FDA is considering banning the use of morcellators after having already discouraged the use of them in April.

What is a morcellator?

It’s a device commonly used in gynecologic surgery such as hysterectomies. It’s used to break up tissue so that it’s tiny enough to be removed through a tiny incision.

Why is it dangerous?

It’s been linked to the spread of hidden cancers. When breaking up the tissue, it can aggravate those cancer cells, which has lead to some heartbreaking testimonies.

“I cry every single day,” said Debra Valverde. “Who will love my children? Who will take care of my 82 year old father who was just diagnosed with dementia? I’m waiting to die. I am counting the days. I beg you, please stop morcellation.”

Debra says her cancer was worsened after her morcellation in 2007 and it recurred earlier this year.

Patients and family members have testified about going into surgery to remove harmless fibroids only to be told afterwards they had a lethal form of cancer made even worse by the morcellation.

“Morcellators are a failure. They are a failure of device safety, or medical self-regulation and federal regulation,” said Amy Reed, an anesthesiologist.

Amy and her husband, who’s a surgeon, have led a national fight against the device.

With this kind of opposition, especially from the FDA, why is this procedure still chosen? I sure don’t know. But when morcellation harms the patient, justice needs to be served.

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