It would be wonderful if all debts could be washed away somehow for people who are in over their heads. Bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN respects can tell you Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to help you get out of debt without having to pay it back, so that you can find financial relief and get a fresh start. It handles credit card debt and medical bills very well, and can even help if you have outstanding debt on your house or car.

But it doesn’t cover every single potential debt you could have.

For example, Chapter 7 bankruptcy often doesn’t cover


    • child support
    • alimony
    • student loans
    • debts from criminal acts, like fraud or intentional torts
    • and some taxes.


Fortunately, there are exceptions to these rules; and other types of bankruptcy, like Chapter 13, could also help. Because each situation is different, you should talk to an attorney before assuming Chapter 7 wouldn’t work for you.

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