If you fall behind on your bills, some creditors CAN and WILL threaten to take your wages.

This happens with unsecured debts (debts not backed by collateral) like credit card and medical bills. When you fall behind, the creditor can go to court and file a lawsuit against you. The judge will then hand down a judgement allowing the creditor to garnish your wages.

Your employer, by law, HAS to garnish your wages. If your employer refuses to, then he or she is held responsible.

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Here in Tennessee, up to 25% of your wages can be garnished. If you can’t afford to pay your bills, then you certainly can’t afford a garnishment that steep. And you’re not simply paying the debt you owe, but you’re also paying interest on that debt plus attorney fees from the lawsuit. It’s a messy situation.

But, you can avoid it before it happens!

Bankruptcy lawyerrs Memphis, TN puts its trust can tell you, by filing for bankruptcy, you can stop the wage garnishments. This can be done through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is a discharge of all dischargeable debts. Or, you can file Chapter 13, which is a reorganization of your debts into an affordable repayment plan.

Once the bankruptcy is filed, your creditors are notified and the wage garnishment will cease.

You can also avoid the whole wage garnishment process in totality by filing for bankruptcy when you get behind on your bills and can’t pay them.

A bankruptcy is not only a great way to get yourself out of debt, but it’s also a wonderful building block to begin rebuilding your finances – including your credit score – the right way.

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we have some great resources that will provide you with the tools to succeed after a bankruptcy, one being Dave Ramsey’s Debtor Education course. We proudly use this video course that not only teaches you the fundamental financial necessities you need to know to succeed, but it’s entertaining and will make you laugh!

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