In general, you can’t sue your employer for a work-related injury; however, that’s only because the workers’ compensation system is already in place to handle this type of situation.

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance your employer is required by law to carry. If you’re injured on the job, worker’s comp will pay for your medical bills and lost wages no matter who was at fault for the injury. In return, you aren’t allowed to sue your employer for the accident.

There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, your employer can’t fire you for a work injury. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated for filing a workers’ comp claim or reporting an accident, a workers’ comp attorney can help you build a case to recover damages.

You also may have to sue if your employer doesn’t have worker’s compensation when they should. While it’s usually illegal for your employer not to be insured, it does happen and sometimes a lawsuit is the only recourse for paying your medical bills.

Remember that the rules against suing your employer are meant to protect you, too. Workers’ comp is a no-fault system, so while it protects your boss from a lawsuit, it also protects you from being fired or otherwise discriminated against for a work injured or accident.

If you’ve been injured on the job, our experienced workers’ comp attorneys can help you get the compensation you need. A workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN turns to cares about the health and well-being of clients and can provide guidance on next steps. In addition, we can help you deal with tricky legal details like wrongful termination after an injury, a lack of workers’ comp insurance, or third party liability.

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