Workers’ compensation is meant to help cover your medical expenses if you’re injured on the job.

But for how long? If you have new, related medical expenses that come up AFTER your claim is closed, can you reopen the claim?

The easy answer is to talk with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Every case is different, and it’s imperative you get an attorney to help you navigate the process. Your lawyer may be able to help you reopen the case or, in some situations, file a new claim. We’re available to speak with you online or at 901-327-1212.

The more complicated answer is that reopening the case is often possible, as long as the medicals have not been closed. Here’s what that means:

During the settlement process of the original claim, you might be asked to sign a release stating that future medical bills will no longer be covered. Since these releases can have such long-term consequences, you should never sign them without getting legal advice from a workers’ compensation lawyer. Some people choose to sign in order to speed up the settlement process, especially if the injury was small and isn’t expected to recur or get worse. But it can be the wrong decision if your injuries aren’t fully and permanently healed.

Getting workers’ comp can be challenging and frustrating. You should never go it alone, because the other side certainly won’t. It’s important to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN places its trust in before signing any paperwork or agreement related to workers’ compensation benefits.

Instead, get a lawyer you trust, who takes your case seriously and is deeply invested in your success. I’d like to be that lawyer for you. Contact me today to get started with a free conversation.