If you’re injured by a car on your bike, and you weren’t wearing a helmet, will it affect your personal injury case? Memphis car accident injury attorney Darrell Castle explains.

Does It Matter for My Personal Injury Case if I Was Wearing a Bicycle Helmet?

It matters to the extent that it might be an issue of the extent of your injury.

The other side – the lawyers representing the person who injured you, the insurance company representing the person who injured you – will use your lack of a helmet to argue that your injury would have been less if you’d had a helmet. That is, if it’s a head injury.

So it would reduce the amount of compensation to which you’re entitled, possibly. But if you have a good attorney, that shouldn’t happen.

So that’s a question you need to discuss with your attorney; and be upfront about it, so he knows about it and can deal with those issues for you.

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