truck driving cargo accident MemphisWhen Truck Cargo Becomes a Liability

Sometimes when we think about road safety, we forget one of the biggest dangers: what trucks and other vehicles are hauling. Fortunately, our attorneys know all about cargo liability in Memphis truck accidents.

The Community Risks of Carrying Hazardous Materials

Trucks are the most dangerous vehicles on the road for one simple reason: their size. When something goes wrong with a big truck, everyone around it is at risk. 

However, we often overlook the other most dangerous part of 18-wheelers and other large trucks. They carry a variety of cargo that can often be just as dangerous as the truck itself.

Many trucks in the Memphis area carry hazardous materials, and in the case of an accident, those materials can put drivers at terrible risk:

  • oil and gas can explode or cause fires
  • chemicals can contaminate the roads and devastate the local environment
  • household products and cardboard boxes can block roadways and break windows
  • liquid spills can damage tires and cause cars to collide

It also doesn’t have to be a hazardous material to wreak havoc.

Consider this example of the Memphis truck accident that spilled alfredo sauce all over I-55. A driver was hospitalized and traffic stopped in the middle of rush hour. 

The Risks for Truck Drivers

Obviously there’s enormous danger in an overturned truck regardless of the cargo. However, in some cases, heavy cargo causes an even more extreme risk for the truck drivers than it does for other people on the road.

Here’s an example: let’s say you drive a flatbed truck and get a flat tire. What happens if the gate meant to protect the driver in the cab malfunctions?

When the driver has to stop suddenly, inertia forces the load in the back to move forward. If the gate works properly, whatever’s in the back stays in the back where it belongs. If it breaks, the driver could be crushed by their own cargo.

This is a rare but extreme risk that affects truck drivers and their families more often than it should.

darrell-castleAn Attorney for Dangerous Truck Accidents

For truck accidents on Memphis highways and roads, you want a local firm with deep ties to the community.

You want someone who understands the environmental and community impact of major crashes: someone who can speak to the design of the intersection, the traffic patterns where the accident happened, and the hospitals that have to jump into action when a crash happens.

For truck drivers injured by a malfunction, you also want an attorney familiar with workers’ comp and disability. We handle both of these areas while also fighting to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

And last but not least, as an attorney, I’ve become experienced with cargo liability in Memphis truck accidents. From alfredo sauce to chemical spills, I understand the risks and the potential damage for anyone on the road.

If you’ve been injured in a Memphis truck accident, don’t wait to get started. Call us today at 901-327-2100 or fill out the form below.

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