When you go to the fair or to an amusement park, you probably take for granted that the rides are safe – that they’ve been inspected, properly maintained, and tested fully.

But such was not the case on Sunday afternoon in Norwalk, CT.

Eighteen people were injured – including at least twelve children – when a carnival ride at the Oyster Festival lost power.

According to NBC, witnesses reported that it was horrifying to watch the ride suddenly stop, sending riders flying into the air. No one understood in the moment what was happening, and children were screaming in terror.

Fortunately, all of the injuries were non-fatal; some of the children suffered from broken bones and/or needed neck braces.

Though it’s rare, when rides break down like this, the results can be deadly. Amusement park workers and construction crews are at particular risk. Workers make up 28% of roller coaster deaths.

Injuries from broken or malfunctioning rides are extremely rare – but they do happen. Contact me if you or someone you love has been hurt on a ride like this. The conversation is free.

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