On Saturday, a Memphis driver was speeding through Midtown, lost control of his car, and then hit several iron fences, a brick pillar, and a tree.The fatal crash happened on East Parkway near Madison in the middle of the night.

Our hearts go out to this driver and his family. It’s an accident that could happen to anyone who speeds without realizing the risks.

While this driver may have lost control simply because of speed, there are a lot of possible causes in single-car accidents, including:


    • Drug or alcohol impairment
    • Medical problems, like a heart attack
    • Swerving or phantom vehicles that drive away
    • Vehicle malfunction, like tire failure
    • Road problems
    • Obstacles in the road, like deer
    • And many more.


If you’re ever in an accident with only one car involved, the most important thing to do is get medical attention immediately. A lot of back and neck injuries don’t show up instantly, so you should get checked out by a medical professional even if you don’t think you’ve been badly injured.

You should also contact the police and your insurance company as soon as you’re able.

The police will launch an investigation, like they did for the victim in the Midtown crash. This investigation will help them better understand what happened and help you figure out whether someone else might be at fault for your injuries.

Keep in mind that in single vehicle crashes, you will most likely be considered the responsible party. Your insurance company should cover the costs, rather than the insurance company of another driver.

But there are a few exceptions, like if the vehicle malfunctioned or the city left a road in obviously unsafe conditions.

In situations like that, it’s best to get an attorney because you’ll need to file a claim with someone else’s insurance company. The attorney will help you prove the other party caused your accident. That way you don’t have to cover the costs, and your insurance rates don’t have to skyrocket.

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