What if a driver has a heart attack on the road? A stroke?

What if they have a less serious problem that’s still dangerous when driving a car? For example, what if a driver suddenly breaks into uncontrollable sneezing or coughing?

There are times when a car accident isn’t really anyone’s fault at all. No one made a mistake, everyone was being careful, and then suddenly you’re hurt in a wreck and wondering what to do.

In situations where someone had a medical problem that caused the accident, it’s that person’s insurance company who is responsible for any damage, injuries, etc. Everyone else should be focused on getting better.

Unfortunately insurance companies don’t always make it so easy. They sometimes fight you if you try to get the money you need after a car accident. They might even try to make you feel guilty, since the other driver didn’t mean to hit you.

But you should not feel guilty for asking an insurance company to pay you the money they owe. Car accident cases don’t mean you have to attack the driver for being a bad person. Things happen – the point is to get the money you need to heal and move on.

Our Memphis car accident attorneys have worked with insurance companies and know how to stand up for you in cases like this. I’ve even written a book on dealing with car insurance after an accident that you can download for free.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident because someone else had a medical problem and hit you, you need to speak with an attorney. You are much more likely to have success with a lawyer on your side.

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